Kind Words

RK Arts Studio was so easy to work with and really captured our family. I love the use of color and texture. Just a great job.-Kelly

Rain is a very talented photographer and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. My photos came out spectacular and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a top knotch photographer.- Sabrina

  I chose RK photography for building my social media fitness photos! I was looking for photo shots that were not the typical point and click, cookie cutter pictures that most models take for their social media pages. Rain certainly delivered that something special that I was looking for! I highly recommend ( Rain) RK ARTS STUDIO for quality and personable photography service! -Marcia


  Thank you Rain for capturing my sweet girl and me for my very first Mother's Day! Beautiful work and I wish we weren't moving away because I would use you over and over again!-Kelly

really enjoy the undersea mermaid watercolor print by Rain. It’s great, love the colors and I love meditative mandala stone and had it tuned into a pendant! I also love my portrait photos you took.Thank you! -Linda

love the 3 paintings you made. I received lots of compliments about them! I love the colors and the energy they project. 


We absolutely loved our photos and will definitely have to do them again soon. Thanks again for coming out to photograph our little family! -Erin

We love Rain! We used her for both our engagement photos, our wedding, and family photos! Her work is beautiful! -Kori

I own several art prints by Rain. I guess you could call me an RKAS fan! -Judi

Rain beautifully documented our destination wedding details in Vegas! It was a lot of fun.-Crystal

I love Rain’s artwork. I was so happy with how it arrived and with such care. -Nicole

We love our photos! It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun!-Danielle

 I love Rain’s massages and look forward to my session twice a month. I’ve been using Rain for a long time and she is a great therapist.. -Misty


I love Rain’s artwork. I own several pieces and have hung them in special places in my home. They are wonderful!-Kat

I’m the proud owner of two of Rain’s paintings! They are special and mean a lot to me. -Jeremy

never considered routine massages until Rain. Now, two weeks always seems too long between my sessions. I can’t wait for them!


I’m very impressed with how quickly your print arrived! And with the care it was wrapped with. Thank you very much and it will now go on display in our home…It’s so absolutely beautiful!-Arrianna

love your 90 minute sports massages! I’ve referred you to all of my friends and coworkers because you always know what to work on and I feel awesome. -Dana

Rain did a beautiful job photographing our wedding! We couldn’t have been happier!-Josh & Joanna

We loved having Rain photograph our wedding! The photos are amazing! We are so happy with them. -Chris & Megan

Rain photographed our private and special day in the quiet of the spring season. Sweet, simple, and perfect and that’s just what she delivered! - Vanessa