The Self Portrait or Proto-Selfie. Intrapersonal = existing or occurring within the self or within one's mind: People with high intrapersonal intelligence are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Oeuvre = a substantial body of work constituting the lifework of an artist. 

Chronicling my transient,  intrapersonal voice and story by the use of a camera to relate, reveal, and digest my relationship with growth and age. Aristotle’s famous advice is to “Know Thyself.” Photography serves to capture me to immortalize my voice reflective of the natural expression over time as I age. ‘How am I seen?” versus “How do I see myself?”

The most interesting self discovery to date is that my collection of images are reflective of age range appropriate mentality. My younger days were presentational changing into middle age of representational and place perception identity. Many theorists have suggested that core facial features – such as the eyes – are windows into human communication and social interaction which is important in adult connectivity. As a young woman, the psychological task of establishing a stable and viable identity was important. As a middle-aged woman, the psychological task is interwoven trajectories and relinquishment or acceptance of identity roles.

This project will continue over the lifespan. Below are highlights from this project from 2004-present: