CAPTURING THE COLOR (More Images Coming Soon…)

Capturing the color in remote and wild places in nature are highly evocative of a more primordial time. Most of my award-winning images have been shot on the fly. I’ve been shooting long enough that when I intuit a moment as a good capture, I can adjust the settings within seconds. Settings are dependent on the type of photography I do, whether that is astrophotography, long exposure, blue hour, portrait, etc.

Shooting with my camera is like driving a manual car or riding a bike; it’s an extension of myself where I don’t have to think twice about the settings in any condition. Letting my eye lead me to the light, the angle, the composition, the contrast will allow me to find something new to photograph for each 365 day annual personal photo project.

For me, the best shots happen at golden hour (just before the sun sets or just after it rises), after a storm, civil twilight or blue hour, and at astronomical twilight.

The best advice I ever received was from a family member who said, “A photographer always has their camera on them at all times.” Nowadays, one can get away with amazing iPhone images, but in my opinion nothing beats the RAW on a manual DSLR.